Hypertec Solutions Partner focuses on the business value, not just the commodity.

Why Hypertec Solutions Partner?

    Technological Leader

    • Offering a full portfolio of business solutions to solve any business need
    • Specialties include components, software, cloud, laptops, servers, storage, and customized high-performance computing solutions
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    Ease of Doing Business

    • Dedicated account managers delivering solutions to help achieve desired business outcomes
    • Offers an online transactional self-serve web portal, with access to customized pricing profiles and a wide selection of online tools.
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    Customer Focus

    • The needs and requirements of our customers are top priority
    • We work vigorously to earn and maintain customer trust and loyalty with every project we engage in
    • We view the relationship with our customers as a partnership rather than a seller/buyer relationship.

    Flexible Billing

    • Traditional transactional billing options like net 30, ACH, credit card, and leasing
    • Extensive aaS offering allowing flexibility to consume technology as a monthly bill.

    Trusted Advisor

    • Authentic, humble, honest and consistent
    • Continually evolves with accelerating changes in IT technology so we can provide the best advice
    • We help our customers navigate complex IT decisions and maximize the return on investments.

    Total Solution

    • Broad selection of multi-branded solutions (vendor agnostic) and technical resources, including access to highly skilled certified specialists and engineers
    • Cloud & traditional software, on-prem, private and public cloud orchestrated solutions
    • Extensive offering of complementary professional services

    About Us.

    Hypertec is a large and rapidly growing global provider of innovative information technology solutions.

    Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Tempe, AZ, we offer a wide range of technology products and services, which are trusted by cloud service providers, communication service providers, organizations in the financial services, media and entertainment, public sector, and health services industries as well as other industries where cutting-edge technology solutions are critical to our customers’ success.

    Our range of products and services includes wholesale data center colocation services, our own designed and manufactured application optimized servers, storage, workstations and personal computers offered under our CIARA brand, a full suite of partner hardware and software products, business resiliency services, home health monitoring support services and a full range of complementary value added services.

    With thousands of customers located in every major continent, the Hypertec Solutions Partner, Hypertec, and CIARA brand names are recognized in our industry for consistent and reliable quality and innovation which are supported by our continuous commitment to research and development and to long-term collaborative relationships with our customers and partners.

    Our Values.


      Innovation is our passion and what sets us apart from the others. We incessantly pursue and dare to try new creative ideas from everywhere. Whether it be a product, a service, a business system or process, we have the ability to create innovative ideas to respond to various business challenges. We believe that EVERYTHING is possible. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity.

      Customer Focus

      We put the needs and requirements of customers ahead of anything and everything. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust and loyalty. We are passionate about finding solutions for our customer’s everyday challenge. Everything we do is driven by our customer’s needs and experience.

      Integrity and Trust

      We believe in being authentic, humble and consistent. We are conscious of how our behaviors and words impact everyone we interact with. We believe that when there is trust we can accomplish anything. Our decisions are based on doing what is right, for the business, our employees and our customers.


      We believe that by empowering our employees to think like an entrepreneur, creativity and innovations arises. We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions and decisions, Everything we do is done to improve the business. “Not my job” is not in our vocabulary.


      We value and admire our employees and customers. Each person has a story and experiences we can learn from. We are always mindful of our behaviour, language and tone. We may not always agree but every interaction must leave one heard and listened to.


      We believe that communication is key to enhancing teamwork and the achievement of common objectives for the Company. We are committed to act transparently and ensure an appropriate and timely flow of information to enable efficient execution of our company goals and objectives.

      Why Work with Hypertec?

      Entrusting Customers

      Countries Served

      Years of Experience

      International Offices

      Press Releases.

      Hypertec wins the award for Best Innovative Manufacturer/Large Enterprise at the 43rd edition of the Mercuriades competition

      Montréal, Québec, May 24, 2023 — We are proud to announce that Hypertec has been awarded the Mercure award in the Large Enterprise category for Innovative Manufacturers, thanks to our immersion cooling solutions used to rapidly cool computer hardware by immersing it directly in a non-conductive liquid.  

      Hypertec Launches New CIARA TRIDENT IC Series Immersion-Born Servers

      Cutting-edge high-density sustainable solution for high-performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).  Montréal, Canada, June 29, 2023 – Hypertec, an innovative global provider of sustainable technology products and solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the TRIDENT iC series 6th Generation immersion-born servers, 

      Castrol Announces Collaboration With Hypertec to Accelerate Immersion Cooling Data Centre Technology

      Castrol is welcoming its first server OEM as part of its collaborative initiatives to accelerate immersion cooling technology. Castrol’s state-of-the-art data centre testing facility in Pangbourne is set to launch later this year, in collaboration with Hypertec and Submer. 

      What Our Clients are Saying.