Smart Hands

A Convenient Service to Save
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Smart Hands.

Smart Hands is a convenient way for you to save time and money, providing skilled personnel to complete the installation for each project’s specifications.


Why Smart Hands?

  • Save money
  • Skilled personnel
  • Custom services to meet your specific requirements
  • Compliance and community obligations

Professional Services.

    Asset Tagging

    Asset labels and tags provide long-lasting and dependable asset identification for indoor and outdoor environments. Proper asset identification through barcode labels and tags increases accountability, deters theft, and tracks asset location and status.

    Trash Disposal

    Unwanted electronics are the fastest growing segment in an already expanding solid waste stream – yet upwards of 90% of their component parts can be recycled. Our end-of-life electronics are filled with resources that can be safely and securely recovered and reused. We will help you safely manage your end-of-life electronics, including office products like desktop printers and phone systems.

    Asset Buy Backs

    Services specializes in the environmental recycling of retired IT equipment and print consumables. With expertise in risk mitigation, logistics, asset management, re-marketing, recycling, and data destruction, recycle and disposal services help you responsibly handle your outdated hardware. Assets commonly recycled: Notebooks, desktops, displays, printers, print consumables, servers, storage systems, handhelds, networking equipment, and more!


    • Converting your end-of-life IT equipment into valued resources is our No. 1 goal. We don’t just want to turn aging assets into resources that help pay for new technologies — we want to help you optimize the two- to three-year resale window and get the most bang for your resale buck. Our experts can help you identify peak resale value on equipment being considered for refresh right now — before it’s too late.

    • You’ll get professional, legal, nationwide, full-service environmental recycling, guaranteed data destruction, & certifications. R2-RIOS Certified, DEP Permitted & Bonded, NAID Member, Fully Insured, DOD, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA, & NIST Compliant


    • Unpacking and check of goods received against purchase orders or invoices

    • Put away products accurately into warehouse inventory locations

    • Move and consolidate product

    • Maintain record of received goods and reject unsatisfactory items

    Data Destruction

    • Party Environmental Impact Reporting and Certificate of Destruction

    • Nationwide Secure Electronics Collection and Transport

    • Shredding, Wiping, and Reporting

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