Security of ONE by Watch Guard.

Disconnected security tools add complexity and cost, while increasing vulnerability, slowing response and eroding organizational confidence. Today’s escalating risks and mutable network configurations demand a new kind of security approach ­– one that is strongly founded in identity to unify security intelligence and enable scalable managed deployments.

Experience a different kind of security with WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform; a scalable platform for elevating the practice of modern security delivery. Unified Security is made possible with these elements:

  • Comprehensive Security — a complete portfolio of endpoint, multi-factor authentication, and network security products and services for protecting environments, users, and devices.
  • Clarity and Control — centralized security administration, visibility, and advanced reporting via WatchGuard Cloud™️.
  • Shared Knowledge — a zero-trust security posture with WatchGuard’s Identity Framework and a true XDR-based approach to threat detection and remediation with ThreatSync.
  • Operational Alignment — simplified business operations via direct API access, a rich ecosystem of out-of-the-box integrations, and support for all payment and consumption models.
  • Automation — powered with WatchGuard’s Automation Core; bringing simplification and scale to every aspect of security consumption, delivery, and management.

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