Integration Solutions

flexibility and scales to meet your expectations
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Integration Solutions.

Comprehensive Integration Solutions enable you to take on bigger projects and focus on your core competencies. Integration Solutions provides flexibility and scales to meet your expectations.

Integration Solutions offers a portfolio of configure-to-order programs, allowing our customers to create their own custom solutions.

Why integrated solutions?

  • Reliability
  • Multi-vendor configuration and Integration
  • Reduce touch time and freight cost
  • Reduce billable hours for high-price technicians


Professional Services.

    Hardware Configurations

    Hardware configuration refers to the system resource settings that are assigned to a specific device. Many IT specialists can optimize hardware performance by adjusting these configurations. All hardware devices have configuration settings that can impact the overall performance and system function. Some devices that can be adjusted might include the accessible memory, connected devices, disc drivers, modems/serial ports, and some power management features.

    Server/ Rack Builds

    Design, Build & Ship. We understand that the value of your business is built around your data. And where you put that data. You need high redundancy, high availability, low latency and global connectivity in a snap. Our goal is specifically geared toward supporting and protecting your mission-critical applications with multiple power sources, diverse fiber paths and top-tier connectivity providers.

    Testing and Burn-in-Services

    Burn-in is a test in which a system or component is made to run for an extended period of time to detect problems. Burn-in may be conducted to ensure that a device or system functions properly before it leaves the manufacturing plant or may be part of a repair or maintenance routine.

    Inventory Management

    • Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks and performance attributes)

    • Labeling and logging devices prior to deployment

    • Asset tagging, UID, buy-backs and recycling

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