Software as a Service

About SAAS.

Software as a Service is the simplest way to deliver applications to users over the internet. The provider hosts the application, and users can access it over the internet. SaaS allows users to access the application from any device and location. Downloads and installations are not required.

Companies using Software as a Service (SaaS) only pay for the number of licenses they need and can scale as they grow. This flexibility allows organizations to move software expenditure from CapEx to OpEx because a SaaS model software is licensed on a subscription basis and not an investment in software and equipment.

Advantages of Saas.

    Access from anywhere on any device

    The application isn’t installed on a device; it’s in the cloud. Users can access it anytime, anywhere.

    Automatic updates

    Ensure your company runs on the last version, with increased security and performance.

    Cost saving – pay as you go

    Companies have the flexibility to increase or decrease services and licenses as needed. These are low costs compared with traditional models.

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