The Heart of it All

Micron – The Heart of it All.

Micron is a world leader in innovating memory and storage solutions that accelerate the transformation of information into intelligence. Our more than 37,000 team members, in 18 different countries, work with countless customers to innovate every day and pursue the products that will shape how we live and work tomorrow.

From exabytes to zettabytes.

Built for enterprise-level performance, Micron SSDs thrive in intense data center and client environments.

Better SSDs come from better NAND. As the creator of the industry’s broadest portfolio of SATA SSDs and the world’s first QLC SSD, Micron builds enterprise solutions to fit critical data storage needs. With more than 40 years of expertise and innovation to its name, Micron is positioned to be a leader in the technology world as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other big data applications mature.

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Accelerate your time to market with quality DRAM components.

Built for quality and reliability, Micron Server Memory meets or exceeds the performance demands of virtualization, cloud, big data and hyperscale computing.

From cloud to consumer, Micron has the perfect memory solutions to increase system performance for your business applications. Compatible with OEM servers, workstations and warranties, Micron DRAM also supports the Mac Pro line, is quality tested to mission-critical standards, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty2.

Micron Solid State Drives.

    Micron RDIMM

    Micron RDIMM

    • RDIMMs include a register chip which directs data commands and helps control the flow of data within the server
    • Integrated ECC parity helps prevent data errors and increases overall system reliability
    • Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® based servers
    • Available in both standard and VLP module heights
    Micron LRDIMM

    Micron LRDIMM

    • Designed for memory-intensive server applications
    • Reduces electrical loads presented to the CPU for significant power savings
    • Ideal for hyperscale computing, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and more
    Micron ECC UDIMM

    Micron ECC UDIMM

    • Engineered for cost-effective performance in workstations and entry-level servers
    • Available in multiple capacities and configurations
    • Ideal for office applications, designing digital media, editing videos or hosting web content
    • Available in both standard and VLP module heights
    Micron ECC SODIMM

    Micron ECC SODIMM

    • Engineered specifically for small form factor servers and workstations
    • Increases system stability and reliability with error correction code (ECC) parity
    • Ideal for microserver workloads in space-constrained environments
    Micron NVDIMM

    Micron® NVDIMM

    • Combines the performance of DRAM with the persistence of NAND
    • Preserves critical data in the event of power loss and limits costly downtime
    • Speeds up to 3200MT/s and capacities up to 32GB per module
    • Available with or without the integrated pull-up resistor depending on your motherboard configuration