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Network Operation Center (NOC)

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Network operation center

A Network Operation Center (NOC) provides critical visibility into your, on premise, hybrid and cloud environments and the applications they’re running without generating excess visual noise. Equipping businesses with the flexibility and depth of coverage required to monitor today’s IT infrastructure and the extensibility needed to handle tomorrow’s.

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are central locations from which an organization supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensures data center availability. Sometimes they lie within the data center, sometimes externally. They are typically connected to a high-speed internet connection or directly to the internet backbone in order to provide as much bandwidth as possible.

But regardless of the arrangement, the aim is to maintain 24×7 network and data center availability. That goal can always be achieved—if money is no object. But problems can enter the picture when organizations attempt to achieve it in an affordable fashion.

“The Network Operations Center (NOC) is a state-of-the-art technical facility that houses servers and network equipment to ensure stable and reliable service for University enterprise systems. It is a centralized management center that is capable of identifying, notifying, and repairing problems when they occur and projecting when and where they might occur.” – University of Pittsburgh

What’s the Importance of a Network Operation Center (NOC)?

  • Reduce cost by lowering overhead
  • Get more done with your existing staff
  • Drive business goals and not IT limitations

NOC Services Offered:

24/7 Remote Monitoring Alerts – 24/7 Network Operations Center teams monitor your mission critical IT infrastructure, services, applications, connections, sites and processes, whether they are hosted by you or by third parties.

HelpdeskCustomer Care – Our service is designed to maximize the value of each customer interaction. We incorporate your organizational culture, and your brand values, along with the rigorous training, quality standards, and technical skills you would demand of your own employees. Tech Support– From basic help desk to advanced hardware and software support, we help you choose the best mix of solutions for you. Technical problems don’t always occur during regular business hours — that is why we provide cost-effective 24-hour voice and online assistance. We offer Tier 1 Basic Support, Tier 2 Intermediate Support, and Tier 3 Advanced Support to help you deliver technical and product support across all channels and levels.

Reporting – The ability to perform sophisticated and innovative reporting and analytics is becoming critical for all organizations. Processing timely data and the proper reporting and analytic capabilities enhances the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions. The right reporting, analytics and information delivery strategy can have a significant impact on an organization, fundamentally changing the way people perform their jobs and how decisions are made.

The benefits of a successful strategy include:

  • Targeted delivery of data and reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improved analysis and decision-making
  • Increased organizational communication and collaboration