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Cloud One

Simplify your hybrid and multi-cloud security

All-in-one cloud-native security.

Trend Micro Cloud One simplifies your security by providing the broadest and deepest cloud security services for building and migrating applications to the cloud.

Trend Micro launched the hybrid cloud security services platform for cloud builders: Trend Micro Cloud One™.

Freeing you to go further and do more.

This automated, flexible, and all-in-one solution is comprised of six cutting-edge security services, helping you meet the security priorities of your:

    Cloud migration

      Cloud-native application delivery

      Cloud operational excellence

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      What is Trend Micro Cloud One?

      Trend Micro Cloud One is a security services platform for cloud builders, designed to meet your cloud security needs today, and in the future. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Trend Micro Cloud One has you covered with the broadest and deepest solutions.  From cloud migration projects to cloud native application delivery or cloud center of excellence driven objectives, you can rely on our automated, flexible, and all-in-one security.