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Office 365 Migration

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Office 365 Migrations

(Update: on April 21, 2020, Office 365 was rebranded Microsoft 365 – This article was written in 2019, however, the links to our Microsoft 365 page contain up-to-date information.)

Office 365 for business is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. Office 365 is an integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business. Get apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, updated monthly with the latest features and security updates. Use cloud-powered email to reach customers and coworkers wherever work takes you. Hypertec Direct wants to inform you an all aspects of an Office 365 Migration that’s right for your Business.

Migrating Office 365 Business Mailboxes:

Office 365 from Microsoft has helped many small organizations to have an enterprise-level email communication system with minimal investment on infrastructure. For them, an Office 365 subscription is far more economic and convenient than an on-premises Exchange Server deployment. At the same time, there is a major concern regarding how they will be able to migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. For small organizations having up to 150 mailboxes, Microsoft suggests cut-over migration as the way of Office 365 migration.

Exchange Server to Office 365 cut-over migration – A cut-over migration helps to move up to 150 mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365 in a hassle-free manner. The mailboxes are moved altogether and the task can be completed in a few days if everything goes well in the environment.

8 Reasons Your Business Should Migrate to Office 365:

There are many reasons that make Office 365 attractive for organizations of all sizes. Look at these five reasons to know why organizations should move from Exchange to Office 365.

  1. Work from anywhere – Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their documents anytime/anywhere from PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. Also, the built-in sharing and collaboration features of Office 365 makes it suitable for modern work environments. With Office 365, users can access their data from anywhere.
  2. Subscription plans that suit all – Office 365 offers great price flexibility on its services. With Office 365, there are various subscription plans to choose from. An organization can choose a plan depending on its needs. With one license, they can opt for services like SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and Sway. Also, the plans of Office 365 are not expensive as you only have to pay for what you use.
  3. It is from Microsoft – Office 365 is wholly backed by Microsoft, which is one of the most trusted names in providing cloud services. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. But in on-premises deployments, data is vulnerable to hardware and software issues, corruption, and unauthorized accesses. With Office 365, Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime. Also, subscribers can always create a backup to restore data whenever it’s necessary.
  4. Always up-to-date – One of the best things about Office 365 is that it upgrades automatically without any extra costs. Users get access to all the enhancements and innovations as soon as they are released. In on-premises deployments, users have to upgrade the hardware and buy the software too. These upgrades may cause considerable downtime too. But, this is not the case with Office 365 because Microsoft handles all the updates in such a way that doesn’t affect its availability.
  5. Data is secure – One of the major concerns for any organization is the security of their data in the cloud. And when it comes to security, you’ll find that many organizations are moving towards Microsoft cloud services as Office 365 is a more secure option compared to the on-premises environment. The infrastructure of Office 365 is top notch, highly available, and patched. It ensures that the corporate data stored into it is secure always.
  6. Don’t worry about servers and maintenance – Office 365 is available on the cloud, yet also has the flexibility of integrating with your company’s On-Premises solutions if needs be. Using the cloud has so many advantages, particularly in terms of saving on the maintenance costs associated with local servers. And the Office 365 Trust Center means you know your data will be in safe hands.
  7. It will grow with your business – Office 365 works on a system of “you pay for what you get”. When your organization grows, you can simply pay for the additional services and data storage you need. OneDrive for Business – the data storage side of the stack – offers a huge amount of space at an amazingly affordable cost. You’ll never have the headache of buying new hard drive for storage space ever again.
  8. Simplified Migration – Migrating to Office 365 can actually be easy, regardless of the storage tools you currently use. And, since Office 365 will undergo constant updates from Microsoft, you’ll never need to migrate your data again!

Still Have Questions Regarding Your Businesses Office 365 Migration Potential?

For many companies, the journey to Cloud benefits starts with adopting Office 365 when their current on-premises infrastructure can no longer support the needs of the business, and therefore must be replaced. Through the use of automated tools and processes, Hypertec ensures this initial migration is seamless and low-cost.

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