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Software Asset Management (SAM)

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Software Asset Management (SAM) is a vital set of continuous business processes that provides a system for the effective management and protection of software assets within your organization throughout all stages of their life cycle. Basically – optimize the use of your software assets and in turn grow your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

How much do you know about your software licenses? Do you know whether or not your company is in compliance with the legal agreements that came with the software licenses they purchased? Is your software asset management program as effective as it needs to be? This is a question any IT procurement manager or CIO should be asking. Software asset management is a crucial part of IT software procurement. Failing to manage your software licenses correctly could have major ramifications for your company.

Why Implement A Software Asset Management (SAM):

A SAM review is, in essence, an audit to make sure your company’s Microsoft software licenses adequately cover the software you use in your business. Sometimes, businesses will increase the number of employees using their software or change how they use it without updating their software licenses.

Microsoft provides this in-depth Presentation on why your business should strongly consider implementing a SAM.

What to Expect During A SAM Review?

Microsoft Software Asset Management RequestIf Microsoft asks you to take part in a software asset management review, they’ll send you, or your organization an official letter or email.

  • Although Microsoft emphasizes identifying where you might lack licenses, it’s also a good opportunity to make sure you aren’t overspending.
  • If your licenses turn out to be inadequate, you’ll be given the opportunity to correct this.

Do not try to embark on a software asset management review without first speaking to an IT professional.

If you don’t already have an in-house IT Professional well versed in SAM Audits it would be worthwhile to reach out to an IT Support Company to advise you on the process. With a little knowledge, Microsoft licenses aren’t that complicated. But if you don’t have the proper expertise then discrepancies can be misunderstood and you could end up spending a lot of money when you don’t need to.


Facts about Microsoft Software Asset Management - Hypertec Direct

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