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Do you require flexible pricing for the latest IT hardware?

Achieve Your IT ProcurementGoals.

Whether you’re implementing new storage solutions, upgrading desktops and peripherals or increasing mobility through the use of laptops and tablets, Hypertec Solutions Partner is able to provide you with a competitive IT leasing solutions.

The use of Fair Market Value (FMV) Leases is the preferred method of acquiring new technology for many reasons. It is the most cost-effective options with the lowest payments and offers the greatest amount of flexibility at the end of term. You’re able to keep your technology current at a minimal cost so that your business can stay focused on growth and success.

IT Leasing Offers.

    Total Solution Financing

    Finance your entire technology solutions including hardware, software and services.

    Customized Payments

    Annual, quarterly and monthly payments are available as well as payment deferrals and other options.

    Brand Neutral Solutions

    Eligible equipment for financing is not limited to one brand or product type.

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    Benefits of Leasing vs Buying Equipment.

      No down payments.

      Match the lease with the useful life of the equipment.

      Increase the flexibility of your purchases

      Customize a program to accurately predict cash flow and budget.

      Using leased equipment in your business can lead to potential tax advantages.

      Leasing and rental payments are fully deductible.

      Easily keep pace with the newest technologies.

      Save money by negotiating maintenance into the lease.

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