Cost-effective object storage, designed for multicloud.
Seagate Lyve

Seagate Enterprise Systems for Data Storage.

Reliable Data. 

Welcome to a better method of data storage. For more than 40 years, Seagate has provided the most cutting-edge storage solutions that are simple to integrate and are based on reliability, accessibility, and affordability. We continuously provide the best value while providing a flawless experience.

Expansion Shelves & JBODs – Exos E.

Industry-Leading Density Without Sacrificing Performance. Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your storage and simplify operations while optimizing costs.

Exos E 2U24 JBOD System

High performance, exceptional capacity platform using the latest SAS HDDs for maximum data access speed at a minimum TCO.

Seagate Exos-Corvault

Exos E 2U12 JBOD System

The ideal platform for efficient growth, performance, and high capacity at an affordable price.


Exos E 5U84 JBOD System

The datasphere’s high capacity, high performance platform that can handle extreme data growth.

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Exos E 4U106 JBOD System

Delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed.

Exos Corvault – Self Healing, High-Density Data Storage

Optimize datacenter footprints with multi-petabyte storage

Exos CORVAULT is a high-performance, self-healing block storage system that delivers multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies for data center and macro edge environments.

Built with Seagate Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR), Corvault renews drives on the fly. As a set-and-forget solution, you can store mass data with less human intervention.

Enterprise Hard Drives & SSDs.

Built for bulk data applications and 24×7 uptime.

Seagate Exos-Corvault

Exos 7E10 Hard Drive

The secure, high-capacity, high-performance drives are optimized for demanding enterprise bulk data applications.


Exos X16 Hard Drives

As the flagship of the Seagate® X class, the Exos® X16 enterprise hard drives are the highest-capacity hard drives in the fleet.


Nytro SSD Series

Up to 3.8TB
Cost-effective, Reliable Solutions for Legacy Storage.
Seagate Exos-Corvault

Nytro 3000 SAS SSD Series

Built for Fast Data Center Applications. Ideal for mission-critical
enterprise applications.


Nytro NVMe Series SSDs – Up to 15.36TB

High performance engineered with Phison technology for the modern data center.

All Flash, Hybrid & Disk Arrays.

Tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.

Seagate® Exos® X advanced storage arrays are petabyte-scalable, rack-mounted block storage systems with advanced data protection options and an abundance of storage features powered by VelosCT™ ASIC-driven controllers. A value-rich solution for applications that require massive capacity, performance, low latency, and always-on resiliency. Perfect mass storage for conventional data centers, and cloud infrastructure applications.

Seagate Exos-Corvault

Exos X 2U12

Advanced data protection, capacity, and performance for smaller deployments.


Exos X 2U24

Enterprise performance for mid-sized storage applications requiring speed, durability, and advanced versatility.


Exos X 5U84

Up to 3.8TB

Ultra-dense for maximum capacity, availability, versatility, and performance.

Compute & Storage Convergence Platforms – Exos AP.

Easily scale your data systems while reducing your footprint with our
versatile and feature rich design.

Consolidate compute and storage in one chassis—easily scaling your data systems while reducing your footprint with our versatile and feature-rich design. Find enterprise-grade features at a competitive price.

Seagate Exos-Corvault

Exos AP 2U12

Maximize High Density Potential in a 2U Form Factor. Ideal for customers who need a compact solution with an ability to expand as storage needs grow.


Exos AP 2U24

The datasphere’s right sized performance and storage solution for mid sized cost optimized deployments.


Exos AP 5U84

High-performance computing and cutting-edge mass storage in a single system.

Seagate Advantages.

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Storage that you can rely on

Seagate ships approximately 400 Exabytes of data each year, and they store the majority of the world’s data. Seagate has been providing the greatest products, professional service, and support for more than 40 years.
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Superior value and service

With industry-leading capacity, firmware, and multi-core capabilities, Seagate offers the greatest storage solutions at the best value for storage capacities ranging from petabytes to exabytes.

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End-to-end integration that is seamless

Seagate delivers unrivalled partner integration and compatibility as it is the only corporate storage manufacturer to design and build every aspect of its system.

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