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TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops

Panasonic Connect, a pioneer in rugged solutions, has shaped industries for over two decades with TOUGHBOOK® rugged computers. Empowering public sector, federal, healthcare, enterprise, utilities, manufacturing, field service, and supply chain sectors, our commitment extends beyond devices. We offer tailored solutions with strong warranties, industry-leading software, and comprehensive professional services, ensuring seamless operations. TOUGHBOOK® is dedicated to modernization, providing industry-specific solutions that shape the future of rugged technology. Join us in paving the way for innovation, efficiency, and success.

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Should your organization invest in Rugged or Consumer-grade devices?

Why consumer-grade hardware can ultimately cost you more, this paper presents a perspective from Panasonic Connect on the business case for consumer vs. rugged devices. Purpose-built for workers who spend most of their day in the field operating in unusual or harsh environments.

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