Hypertec Solutions Partner


Hypertec Direct is now Hypertec Solutions Partner.

As part of Hypertec Group, Hypertec Direct was created in 2006 to increase our online presence and offer an e-commerce option to our SMB customers.

Over the years, we’ve been offering more than just price-based products. We’ve strived to provide the right solutions and technologies in order to meet your growing IT demands.

Furthermore, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by empowering you with the right solutions or products, bringing the latest technologies from leading brands, and having highly trained sales executives to help you and your company.

Speed has become an increasingly important factor as selling becomes digital and buyers become more demanding. Selling keeps evolving, and we have to keep up with the way we engage customers. The velocity of selling is increasing, which requires us to remain agile and nimble.

That involves eliminating friction and latency in the customer journey and enabling front-line sellers with better tools!

Our sales team is determined to be the most qualified resource to meet your growing demands.  We are an intelligence resource for you and your company, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions regarding your IT purchases.

Hence, we are rebranding Hypertec Direct to become Hypertec Solutions Partner. A name that reflects who we are and how we do business. We are your Solutions Partner.

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