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With the introduction of Chromebook™ prep several years ago, Hypertec Solutions Partner has increasingly fine tuned and expanded our offerings to better serve you and become a valuable resource.

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From standard prep which includes OS updates and enrollments, to Asset Tagging, Laser Etching, OU movement and large deployment organizing via over boxing, skid labeling and green/bulk shipping on approved models.

Kronos Windows 11

Laptop/ Desktop

Memory, video and storage upgrades for applicable prebuilt brands such as HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Intel® etc. Each upgraded unit is tested prior to shipping to ensure quality. Asset Tagging and Laser Etching also available.


Configuration of Tier 1 branded servers from Lenovo & HP as well as Whitebox from Intel. Including hardware assembly, RAID configuration and a 24-hour burn-in test to ensure quality.

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Order must be quoted, processed and coordinated with your Hypertec Direct Sales Rep. Turnaround time varies by project and volume, minimum $50 service threshold for hardware assembly.

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    Upgrade for any one (1) of the following steps above standard enrollment:

    • Applying end-user provided Asset Tags
    • Green shipping of Chromebooks in customized over-boxes
    • O/U device moves and data population

    Enrollment for 1-2500+Chromebooks. Including OS update, enterprise enrollment to your domain and option Wi-Fi configuration test. Must be purchased with a Google ChromeOS management license. Install MaxCase products on Chromebooks during standard enrollment before being placed back in original Chromebook packaging. Must be purchased with standard educational service from Hypertec Direct.

    Laptop/ Desktop

    Base upgrade Service for branded Laptops/Desktops. Includes install of (1) DIMM or SODIMM and hardware test to ensure quality.

    • Optional installation of PCI-based cards such as video, sound, NIC and wireless. Must be used in conjunction with base upgrade service.
    • Optional HDD install when system space allows. Must be used in conjunction with base upgrade service.


    Base configuration service for the server includes (1) CPU, (1) HDD and (2) DIMMS along with a 24-hour burn-in to ensure quality.

    • Optional install of motherboard to bare-bones server when not already pre-assembled Optional RAID configuration and RAID card install.

    • Option to Add (1) CPU. Must be used in conjunction with base service.

    • Option to Add (1) HDD. Must be used in conjunction with base service.

    • Per additional DIMM install beyond base service charge.

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    Laser Etching

    Large 4″ x 4″ etch of your provided image/text on combined hardware purchase. (Bundled with an upgrade. Also available as a standalone service).

    Asset Tag

    Asset Tagging 1-5000+. Includes printing of your provided image/text/data, application on combined hardware purchase and data capture of tag info matched to hardware serial.

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