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GravityZone XDR

Advance Protection foryour Business.

Detect, discover, hunt, and respond across your organization. Proven prevention, and extended attack surface coverage with GravityZone XDR.

GravityZone XDR natively observes and detects attacks across the organization’s environment: physical and connected devices, virtual and cloud platforms, and their hosted workloads are all covered.

The Bitdefender platform combines advanced threat protection with out-of-the-box analytics, adding a rich security context to the correlation of disparate alerts. Enabling security teams to rapidly triage and respond to incidents across identity, network, email, cloud, and endpoints.

It exposes the full scope of all attacks by connecting events and incidents over time and delivering deeper context through automated evidence collection, root cause analysis, and recommended response actions.

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    Broad Observability

    Monitor and perform sophisticated analysis on security data beyond endpoint, encompassing the entire business environment: network, endpoint, email, identity, and cloud.

      Automated Detection

      Provide detection algorithms both locally where the data resides and in the GravityZone cloud analytics platform for correlation across data sources to ensure high fidelity of detections.

      Guided Response

      Ensure out-of-the-box response actions across endpoints, identities, email and cloud applications to rapidly respond to threats from one integrated console.