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Achieving alignment within and across business units and functions, working productively with colleagues and outside partners, solving problems creatively—these are critical to the success of any organization. IT Education services help people enhance these and other critical skills through a variety of methods: classroom, virtual instructor-led, on-demand digital training, and blended learning.

Every company faces financial challenges. As a result of limited budgets, training is typically under-resourced and under-valued. Restricting the educational resources needed to properly manage equipment can greatly harm an organization. The same applies to software. Without proper training, a company reduces their employees’ efficiency and, in turn, the organization’s return on investment.

Gartner Research’s “The Justification of IT Training” study acknowledges the importance and impact of training within a corporation. Gartner Research found that companies which spend less than 13% of enterprise software project costs on continual end-user training are 3x more likely to fall short of their project and business goals than companies which spend more than 17%. They also uncovered that every hour of effective training is actually worth five hours to the corporation. With end-user training, a user can essentially reach a required skill level within a quarter of the time; resulting in a qualified user who requires less support and reduces errors.

Why IT Education Services:

  • Get better use out of your business tools
  • Keep support freed up to assist external clients
  • Deploy a new product/tool across the entire staff

Benefits of Educating Your Staff:

  • Efficient work and reduced errors
  • Invested and empowered employees
  • Greater sense of value
  • Increased productivity
  • Immediate ROI
  • Added value to the organization as a whole

IT Education Services Offered:

Public/Private Training – Custom training for Government Agencies. From private custom sessions to Off-the-Shelf courses are available.

On-site/Virtual Training – Sessions are offered in hybrid models and tailored as per your needs.

Vendor IT Certifications – Technical certifications are available in AWS, Cisco, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and many more.

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